Employment skills from scratch

"I have successfully gained one job and over 3 interviews prior to receiving my job. I am more than satisfied with the results of my resume.”

Deja M."

We work with organizations to provide skills from scratch to their youth that will help them become employable young women with a entry-level skill set marketable for any job position.



The Life Skills Workshops are interpersonal workshops that teaches healthy communication through role playing to address critical issues such as positive body imaging, healthy dating, relationships, dealing with emotions, and healthy habits. This program is available as a one-time workshop per subject or as a series of workshops.




Our flagship Entrepreneurial
Course is a 20-week curriculum designed to build professional skills by allowing girls to organize and run a real business. The curriculum is broken down into simple, easy-to-understand modules that encourages team-building and decision-making. The business is structured by girls in teams and guided by the instructor. Each team collaborates on different subjects  while learning the importance of financial management, organizing, and directing.