Too many missing endangered girls become victims of human trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction and homelessness.

The Save Our Girls Initiative is a daily outreach program structured to create a safe haven for girls at risk of human trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction, and homelessness.

The mission of The Save Our Girls Initiative is to save high-risk girls in crisis from teen sex-trafficking, drug abuse, poverty, school absenteeism, dropouts, pregnancy, hunger, and suicide by engaging them in daily programs that will build leadership and self-sufficiency.

Our programs are designed to keep young girls off of the street by engaging them in leadership programs, self-esteem building workshops, creative art programs, academic tutoring and professional skill building. 

Our  instructors, program leaders, and volunteers are highly trained, dedicated, and passionate about helping our girls succeed.

Through donation support, we also will provide

  • Food
  • New or gently used clothing
  • Toiletries such as soap, deodorant, oral hygiene and feminine care products.

The Steps To Success is an assessment that evaluates and provide for the immediate needs of girls in crisis. We also work together to create strategic goals and objectives toward recovery and independence. 


•    Children of single parent, poor homes have a higher risk of mental, physical and sexual abuse. (Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research)

•    67% of homeless girls run away because of foul condition, abusive parent/relative, or mental illness.

•    More than 38,000 children in Michigan are living on their own, left to fend for themselves. (American’s Youngest Outcasts, 2010)

•    Homeless girls have a 1 in 5 chance of being a victim of human-trafficking. However, 60% were solicited for sex more than one time. (The National Coalition for the Homeless)

US Census Bureau:


Some traumatic events in life are harder to overcome than others and helping a girl to heal could be the most important step in their life. We offer important tools and resources for girls in the event of a crisis.