We are women who have persevered through extraordinary obstacles to dedicate our lives to uplifting our sisters, our daughters, and our community.

Girls With Class, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes positive youth development through mentoring and leadership programs. We serve girls in Detroit and the surrounding area from ages 12 to 17. Girls With Class, Inc. seeks to change the lives of young women by helping them gain the self-confidence they need to be extraordinary.  

Girls With Class, Inc. was started in 2016 by President Shanea J. Bibbs, who is an educator passionate about the advancement of young girls.  Bibbs is also a dedicated mother of twin girls and have faithfully devoted her time & talent to the girls in her community for over 10 years. Her mission is to empower girls all over the world. She believes that we can all be a catalyst for change in the lives of every young girl.



To transform adolescent girls in Detroit by providing them youth mentorship opportunities, leadership training, and life skills that will properly prepare them for success.


Our vision is to eradicate the stigmas that hinder the success of minority girls in our community.


Our objective is to help prevent pregnancy, drug use, school absenteeism, and unemployment by engaging them in leadership training courses, self-building workshops, internships and community service. These programs will help Detroit adolescent girls improve their math and science academic ability and increase social and emotional competency while reinforcing self-worth.